About Coats

With a rich heritage dating back to the 1750s, Coats is the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer. At the heart of our heritage is the desire to build on our strong foundations and constantly improve our company in every way; from the innovative products we create to the personal growth and development of our team, we want everyone’s experience at Coats to be positive, rewarding, and filled with a sense of achievement.

A global leader

We have an unrivalled access to global markets and customers, and are recognised as the market leader across many areas of operation. Our products are sold in over 100 countries. Coats is significantly larger than its nearest competitor in industrial thread. Headquartered in the UK we have a workforce of 18,000 people across six continents.

An expert

Coats has a long heritage and has been serving customers and playing a part in communities for more than 250 years. We provide products for many well-known brands, and our team prides itself on having expert knowledge of our customers, consumers and competitors. This means that we can be sure our products and services meet current and future needs, and that our company adapts and evolves. We believe it is important to build strong relationships with our business partners, consumers, and the wider community.

A pioneer

Our history marks us as pioneers of the textile and threadmaking market and we continue to operate in that spirit today; we are not only committed to improving our products, but are constantly developing new, innovative techniques and applying them to technical products in new areas such as aramids, tracer threads and fibre optics. Our pioneering spirit, ambition, and drive to succeed are just a few of the reasons that Coats is the global market leader in thread manufacturing.