Making the Coats brand more ‘visible’ in China

When we buy clothes we probably don’t often think about the thread holding them together, yet the quality of that thread is as important as the cloth, the cut and the skill needed to create the finished product.

In China, our marketing team has been working with 14 of China’s major domestic brands to increase consumer awareness of what goes into the garments we purchase. In partnership with these key brands they have come up with a unique initiative whereby garments either incorporate the Coats logo or feature the Coats brand alongside the name of the clothing brand on the garment’s hangtag (in much the same way as, say, the GORE-TEX logo features on waterproof clothing with the GORE-TEX membrane and the ‘Intel Inside’ logo is seen on different brands of computer).

This is a first for thread manufacturers and Elf Tai (Commercial Director – Apparel) says it will help Coats to build its brand recognition in China.

‘These hangtags are helping us to raise Coats brand awareness, not only with the brands’ consumers but also with the brands’ competitors – and potential new customers for us. It’s also a means of bringing us face to face with consumers, creating a direct relationship that we might not otherwise have.’

The initiative is mutually beneficial. The Coats name is a guarantee of quality and, by highlighting its use in the garment, the clothing manufacturer boosts its reputation by giving the consumer an assurance that it is using the best possible materials throughout its production process.

To date, the collaboration has created 3.75 million hangtags. Three of the brands are using co-branded hangtags that include information about Coats and exactly how the thread adds value to the garment. This might mean, for instance, highlighting the high-stretch seams in active wear or explaining how premium quality stitching on a down jacket prevents the loss of down padding. Other brands are featuring the Coats logo on separate hangtags, providing a more general link that gives information on our position as the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer.

The team is planning to extend the initiative to other domestic brands, including more specialised garment producers and footwear and accessories manufacturers. It is also planning to launch a hangtag with a quick response (QR) code, which will direct consumers to Coats WeChat (a messaging app) for more interaction.

Thread is a vital yet hidden component of our clothing and – in an age where we are increasingly concerned about the provenance of the things we buy – this initiative is a way to provide consumers with more information about what they are spending their money on and to reassure them that the product offers quality from the inside out.