EVP element:

Do the right thing

Ethics and integrity. Responsibility. Community engagement.

Our aims are to:

  • Be an ethical business
  • Show respect for our people and our world
  • Look after the environment, our people and the communities around us
  • Be part of a culture driven by ethics, integrity and long-term sustainable goals
  • Be a part of the local communities in which we operate, building close relationships with local people, business partners and the community groups

As the largest manufacturer of industrial threads, we believe that in every country in which we operate, it is important to build relationships with the local community in order to have a lasting, positive impact.

We take pride in being part of an ethical business that cares about the long-term sustainability of our products, our manufacturing units, our people, and the communities around us, and we constantly strive to improve on the way we do things to make life better for everyone at Coats and in the wider community.

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Fast-paced, varied and incredibly exciting

Claire Thompson

Group Head of Legal (Commercial) and Data Protection Officer

“From day one, life at Coats has been fast-paced, varied and incredibly exciting.  Although I’m based in the UK my first day involved working with the team in Bangladesh and now I am leading a global campaign with colleagues from across the Coats Group.  It is a truly global company and the multinational projects I have had the pleasure to be involved in have been hugely rewarding.  They have provided me with plenty of opportunities for development and growth both professionally and personally. “

New technology reduces environmental impact

Legend Lin

Technical Manger (Shenzhen)

“My role is to provide technical and process leadership globally for Coats dyehouses and finishing units, enabling continuous improvement on cost, productivity and quality Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). My proudest achievement in 2016 has been leading the implementation of new dye machinery which utilises up to 33% less water. As well as environmental benefits, the new technology will bring financial benefits through reduced use of chemicals and energy.”

Engaging with local communities

Angela Sheard

Executive Assistant to Group Chief Executive

“In 2016 globally we took part in over 100 community engagement activities in support of our themes of education and textiles. The wide variety of activities included sponsoring English language classes in Pakistan; the deployment of a water tower for a school in Cambodia; teaching thread technology using Coats materials to university students in Latvia and teaching crafts skills to children in Honduras.”