EVP element:

Opportunity for all

Learning and development. Growth and achievement. Fair and meritocratic.

Our aims are to:

  • Provide continual investment in our employees to help them grow
  • Nurture potential and allow people to flourish
  • Provide a work environment focused on improvement and a pioneering spirit
  • Provide a fair and inclusive working environment; a meritocracy where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed
  • Allow people to challenge the status quo and use their own initiative

When you join Coats you will be part of an international team of some 19,000 colleagues in 60 countries throughout the world. More importantly you will be joining a meritocracy where everyone has an equal opportunity to develop and succeed. We are all encouraged to challenge the status quo and to use our initiative to identify development opportunities for ourselves and the wider Coats community.

Our work environment is focused on improving what we do; individuals with a pioneering spirit are welcomed and encouraged. Underpinning everything is a continual investment by Coats to nurture, grow and develop every one of us working here.

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Positive working environment

Nishant Manuja

General Manager, Thailand / Sales and Marketing Director, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore

“Since working at Coats, I have been continually impressed with the amount of trust, positive energy, investment and recognition that the company dedicates to its employees. In 2016, I was recognised for my contribution to the company and received of one of the most prestigious awards Coats bestows on its employees for outstanding performance and potential. Coats allows its employees to be confident and trusted, which as a result has increased my ability get more involved in projects and feel part of a global team.”


Opportunities to learn and grow

Samira Elbechi

Customer Service Manager

“What I like most about working at Coats is the environment – everybody is always ready to help and I am always given new opportunities to learn and grow. In addition I enjoy interacting with colleagues all over the world as it broadens my horizons”


Increasing diversity and inclusion

Anna Mitchell

Managing Director, Online Business

“Part of the joy of working for a global business is the variety of perspectives and insights brought by people from different cultures and backgrounds. This variety can lead to better quality thinking and increased business relevance. Having been involved in diversity projects in other companies, I was pleased to be asked to lead Coats’ diversity and inclusion initiative. The D&I programme is initially focused on increasing the number of women in senior positions at Coats.”

Becoming a great leader

Rana Mubashar

National Sales Manager, Domestic, Pakistan

“I took part in our Management Capability Development programme which I found highly effective, influential, productive and really thought provoking. The modules included information on business management and leadership and enabled me to understand the role of a true leader.  The impact of the course was transformational and it inspired me to become a great leader instead of just being a good manager.”

The Transcend Leaders programme

The Coats Transcend Leaders programme has two fundamental goals: the development and implementation of core leadership skills and specific skill sets that will take the business to 2022. This learning journey is anchored by five workshops over a two year period linked by development activities including coaching, digital learning and peer learning while making innovative use of social networking throughout the program. Seventeen senior leaders from Argentina, Brazil and Colombia attended the pilot launch in 2016. The Transcend leaders programme is offered to all senior leaders with workshops delivered regionally.