EVP element:

Positive teamwork

Safe. Respectful. Inclusive

Our aims are to:

  • Provide a safe, inclusive and collaborative working environment
  • Have respect for colleagues and enthusiasm for team achievement
  • Have a can-do attitude
  • Make it clear that everyone is part of the team, working with a great network of people around the world
  • Offer a fair working life balance

At Coats we believe that positive teamwork is central to how our people work together to achieve results. At the heart of this belief is a commitment to ensuring that all our employees, regardless of where they work, are able to operate within safe, respectful, and inclusive environments.

We ask everyone to contribute to our safety culture by taking care of themselves and looking out for those around them by reporting problems, hazards or unsafe conditions immediately so that they can be resolved, preventing the risk of injury.

So from the first moment that you start your career with Coats you will find that you are given respect for your views and will feel part of the team.


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The importance of positive teamwork

Tram Anh Tran

Managing Director, Vietnam Cluster

In the 16 years I have worked at Coats, I have experienced and recognised the importance of Positive Teamwork in doing my job. To me this means a diverse group of people at different levels, from different backgrounds, with different experience and interests, going in the same direction to achieve the same goals.

It requires each team member to use their strengths in a smart and constructive way to achieve the most benefit for the team and in return they are motivated when they achieve success.

I enjoy meeting people from different functions and departments both locally and globally. There are lots of new things I can learn from them and new challenges I can face. Most importantly, the people I have met are friendly, open, talented and committed. I believe it makes Coats feel like home when you go to other units.