EVP element:

Pride in what we do

Global market leader. Heritage. Solid foundations.

Our aims are to:

  • Maintain our reputation as a global market leader
  • Take pride in knowing that what we do has a purpose and role in society
  • Build on our heritage and maintain our strong track record to succeed today and in the future
  • Offer a global environment where the ambitious can flourish through challenging work

At Coats we take pride in producing the best products on the market on an unrivalled scale. We have a commitment to excellence, and in order to maintain our reputation as the global market leader, we think it is important to encourage ambition.

Without ambition our company would not be where it is today, and we firmly believe that ambition and hard work are vital components of success. We are proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and are excited to see how we can develop even further as our products, clients, and our team grow.

We also pride ourselves on the knowledge that all our hard work goes into creating products that have a purpose in society; whether that’s providing high quality threads for apparel, specialist thread for medical sutures or high quality wool to knit a blanket. Our rich heritage, pioneering spirit, and innovative techniques provide the solid foundations for our continued success.

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Challenges and opportunities

Ronan Cox

President, Performance Materials

“Coats has a tremendous heritage and a deeply ingrained culture of respecting people. People are at the core of the business and this is fundamental for a good workplace. Today we continue to drive diversity and inclusivity as a real advantage to our employees. I believe it is the ability of Coats people to change, adapt and reinvent this business by building on the opportunities and challenges that it has faced with such resilience that makes Coats such an enjoyable place to work.”

Developing the Coats advantage

John Collins

Head of Training – A&F

“We launched an online Technical Training Programme for Apparel and Footwear Technical Services personnel in March 2017. The objective is to eventually build a full standardised training platform for all our Technical Services personnel globally.  The focus is on helping customers improve productivity, efficiency and quality through the use of our wide range of Coats products and services. The response has been excellent with not just Technical Services personnel participating in the training but also many colleagues in various roles across the Coats world requesting access to increase their understanding of the fundamentals of thread, needles, stitches and seams.”

High performing teams across the globe

Chris Dearing

Group Manufacturing Technology Director

“I joined Coats 18 years ago and now lead the Dyeing and Finishing Technology team. Our core focus is to support productivity and quality improvements through global process standardisation and delivery of technical solutions in colour management, dyeing and finishing. The best part of my role is the opportunity to learn through exposure to a diverse range of projects and challenges. Also, the opportunity to travel and meet and work with engaged and high performing teams across the globe.”