EVP element:


Fair and competitive compensation. Having an impact.

Our aims are to:

  • Recognise and celebrate the great work done every day
  • Offer motivating incentive plans that recognise the impact our employees make
  • Provide opportunities for people to stand out as individuals
  • Acknowledge achievements and reward them with a fair salary

Despite being a multinational company and global manufacturer, we are committed to providing each and every one of our team members with an individually rewarding experience which celebrates the great work that they do here every day.

We want to make an impact, and we can’t do that without the contribution of our employees! We recognise that time is a valuable asset and so we offer motivating incentive plans that recognise and reward the impact our employees make.

Here at Coats we encourage our team to stand out from the crowd and we want to make your time here as rewarding for you as it is to us. We believe it is important to make every member of our team feel heard, appreciated, and rewarded, and we are committed to rewarding not just through our team development programmes within the company, but also by providing each and every member with a fair salary.

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Bold for change

Kishani Weerasinghe

Employee Relations Manager, Sri Lanka

“The past 22 years working at Coats have given me many opportunities to grow (for example from trainee to manager) and to have a significant impact on gender diversity at Coats Sri Lanka. In support of Coats Diversity & Inclusion initiative, I recently implemented a local Diversity and Inclusion programme, which enabled employing female colleagues on the production floor as well as allowing them to work night shifts.

This was a great challenge and milestone and required setting new standards, changing mind sets, coaching trainers, mentoring the newly recruited female colleagues as well as ensuring all aspects of legal compliance.

On International Women’s Day Coats launched a global initiative to identify internal role models who are being ‘Bold for Change’. I was delighted to be nominated as a role model and commended by my colleagues for increasing gender diversity at Coats.”

Taking part in pioneering projects

Mike Hitchen

PM Composite Segments Manager

‘‘Working at Coats gives you the opportunity to get involved with industry leading projects.  I was a member of the team that developed our innovative product Coats Synergex which is now been used in the wheel arch of the RP1 sportscar.  It was incredibly rewarding to be part of such a pioneering project.”

Seeing your ideas adopted

Abdul Malik and Rahim Babu

Members of the team in India

“We developed an idea to improve hand safety in our manufacturing unit which was implemented. It was rewarding to be given the opportunity to see our idea to fruition and even more so that it has helped to improve the safety of our colleagues”