We understand the importance of employee engagement, or making sure that everyone at Coats wants to come to work each day.

It is important because our employees spend a great deal of time at work so we want them to feel fulfilled. Also, if everyone at Coats is satisfied in their working environment and feels proud to work for Coats, they will be more effective in their roles and at working together to deliver our goals.

For the past seven years we have been conducting annual Employee Engagement surveys to track our progress. Feedback is used to create action plans that address areas identified as needing improvement to help Coats become the best possible place to work.

In the 2016 survey, we were pleased to see that our Employee Engagement score was 83%. This maintained our position in the top 10% of companies globally for the third year running (as benchmarked by IBM Kenexa, a leading specialist survey organisation).

In addition, our participation rate was 97%. We think this speaks for itself, it shows we have succeeded in creating an environment in which our team wants to voice its opinions, and knows its opinions will be heard.

of our employees feel that Coats is socially and environmentally responsible
feel that our senior leadership is committed to ethical business practices

The Transcend Leaders programme

The Coats Transcend Leaders programme has two fundamental goals: the development and implementation of core leadership skills and specific skill sets that will take the business to 2022. This learning journey is anchored by five workshops over a two year period linked by development activities including coaching, digital learning and peer learning while making innovative use of social networking throughout the programme. Seventeen senior leaders from Argentina, Brazil and Colombia attended the pilot launch in 2016. The Transcend leaders programme is offered to all senior leaders with workshops delivered regionally.